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Living Will - Declaration Concerning Life-Sustaining Procedures

    The State of Louisiana has determined that all persons have the fundamental right to control the decision relating to their own medical care, including the decision to have life-sustaining procedures withheld or withdrawn in instances where such persons are diagnosed as having a terminal or irreversible condition. To allow persons to exercise their fundamental right to control decisions concerning the use of life-sustaining procedures the Louisiana Legislature has passed several statutes which provide a means of documenting a patient�s decision relative to withholding or withdrawal of medical treatment or life -sustaining procedures. ( See La. Rev. Statutes 40: 1299.58.1 et seq).

The methodology described in the statutes is not exclusive but it does serve as a safe harbor. If the patient has taken steps consistent with those described in the statutes then their desires concerning such procedures are presumed to be valid and legal.

The form used by us is drawn directly from the statutes and if properly executed it will serve the purpose for which it is intended. Additionally, Louisiana Law allows an individual to register their declaration concerning life sustaining procedures (living will) with the Louisiana Secretary of State. Any physician or health care facility can request that the Secretary of State immediately confirm the existence of such a declaration made by a patient and to disclose the contents of the declaration. Upon registration of a declaration with the Secretary of State, the Secretary of State issues a bracelet to the declarant which states �Do Not Resuscitate� and includes the patients name and date of birth.

It should be noted that the declaration contained herein complies with the laws of the State of Louisiana only and no representation is made concerning the validity or invalidity of the document in other states. Additionally, many religions have guidelines for how their faithful should act in regard to the withdrawal or withholding of medical treatment or life-sustaining treatment. This document does not purport to comply with the dictates of any particular religion. If you are concerned with complying with the dictates of your particular religion then you should discuss this issue with your appropriate religious counselors.

- Declaration Concerning Life - Sustaining Procedures-
Without Registration with the Louisiana Secretary of State $50.00

- Declaration Concerning Life- Sustaining Procedures-
With Registration with the Louisiana Secretary of state $100.00

The following information is needed so that your Declaration Concerning Life- Sustaining procedures can be completed:

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